Store Products to Kill Mites

What are some common store products I can buy to kill mites?


Customers often ask us if there are any products that can help them feel more comfortable while they wait for our fogging materials and skin creams to arrive in the mail. We are happy to provide a shopping list. If you find this list helpful, you may also like our article on the Top Ten Myths surrounding Mite Treatment.


  • Borax Laundry Booster: Dissolve one cup into laundry water and let your clothing soak for 30 minutes before continuing to the wash cycle. For optimal results, don’t overfill your machine. Stuffing too many items into the water is a great way to ensure that garments aren’t properly saturated.
  • Giant Ziplock Bags: Store clean laundry in giant Ziplock bags found in the grocery aisle where food wraps are sold. Never get into bed wearing clothing that has touched infested couches or socks that have touched infested floors. For the duration of the infestation, all of your clothing should come from a Ziplock bag.
  • Essential Oils for Skin: When mixed with fragrance free lotion, natural substances such as tea tree and peppermint oil become powerful skin treatments. Unfortunately, most popular oils associated with pest control are sold in tiny bottles. For wide scale home treatment, you’ll need about two gallons of specialized fluid that is specifically formulated not to stain carpets, clothing and furniture. More importantly, you’ll need a fogging solution that isn’t mixed with water because oil and water tend to separate very quickly, producing patchy and uneven results when treating indoors. Our indoor pest control formula does not contain water. It stays mixed for even coverage of wide areas.
  • Windex for Hard Floors:  It’s possible to achieve a contact kill with Windex or bleach, but these substances have zero residual effects. Mites are free to move back into sprayed territory immediately. This is why essential oils are so popular. They leave lasting aromas that discourage mites from entering sprayed territory.
  • Organic Mosquito Repellents: Since most of our customers report that chemical repellents containing Deet aren’t terribly effective against mites, we recommend the lemon eucalyptus brand made by Cutter. This product can be applied to the skin to repel mites while you sleep.
  • Gold Bond Anti Itch Lotion: This product contains enough menthol to make your skin feel tingly. It can safely be used almost anywhere on the body to relieve itching and repel mites while you sleep. For added protection, sprinkle Gold Bond Extra Medicated powder into your bed.
  • Icy Hot Arthritis Cream: This product delivers an extra strong dose of menthol. It can be used as a powerful spot treatment for infested skin, but please consult a physician before using large amounts. Irritated or broken skin may not respond well, and the fumes may be difficult to tolerate when used over wide areas of the body.
  • Vicks VapoRub:  This age old product for congestion can keep mites from entering your nostrils at night. Apply a thin strip between the nose and upper lip. Do not apply inside nostrils. If you have special respiratory problems, consult a physician before using any type of essential oil product near your nose.
  • Rhoto-V Ice Drops: For eye irritation connected to the human demodex mite, try this refreshing menthol product available without a prescription at most pharmacies. Note that over-the-counter eye medications should not be used to replace antibiotic drops prescribed by doctors for conditions such as conjunctivitis or ocular Rosacea. Think of them as soothing remedies to help you feel better while waiting for an appointment and a prescription.
  • Glue Boards: Place them near areas where humans relax to trap crawling mites searching for hosts.
  • Lint Rollers: It’s possible to collect mites from clothing using a lint roller. Note that samples collected in this manner are difficult for entomologists to identify.
  • L.E.D. Lights: When placed on the floor in dark rooms, these lights can draw mites out of hiding places.
  • Air Filters: Large numbers of our customers have reported seeing unidentified organisms that seem to float through the air, like dust caught in a stream of light. We cannot provide a formal diagnosis regarding micro tiny organisms that haven’t been identified by a professionals with microscopes, but we can deliver a solid tip to battle this unexplained phenomenon. Start with a dark room and place an L.E.D. light on the floor in front of an air filter. Don’t be afraid to purchase the most powerful freestanding air filter you can find at your local Walmart. Love yourself as we love you. This is no time to go cheap!


What Makes Our Organic Cedar Oil Formula Powerful and Unique?

  • Can be used as a direct hit spray to destroy common household insects you see!
  • Erodes the exoskeleton of insects that crawl through treated areas, contributing to the early demise of insects you don’t see.
  • Repels a wide variety of insects and discourages new insects from moving into treated territory for up to a month.
  • Dissolves eggs on contact, but not by proximity. In other words, eggs must come in contact with the formula, not just the vapors.
  • Won’t stain carpets, bedding or furniture because it’s steam distilled in small batches to remove impurities.
  • Spreads nicely over wide areas because it’s not mixed with water. (Our formula contains a special organic solvent that helps it stay mixed. Normally, oil and water will always separate, producing very uneven results when distributed over wide areas. That’s why it’s so difficult to treat wide surfaces with essential oils that are sold in tiny bottles at health stores.)
  • Can be applied directly to humans, dogs and horses.
  • Is endorsed by Animal Wellness Magazine as a safe alternative to dangerous chemical and spot drop flea treatments, which shorten life spans and cause SEVERE reactions in more than 44,000 animals each year.  Read more…
  • Is used by housing authorities across the country against bedbugs because these hearty parasites have an uncanny ability to develop resistance to chemical pesticides.