How Much Product Do I Need?

How many times should I fog or spray with Dr. Ben’s Evictor before the mites in my home are gone? How much of your product should I buy? Do I need to get a fog machine?


It depends upon the type of parasite you’re battling. Every case is different. Certain species of mites are more resistant than others, and some homes are infested to a much higher degree than others. The following guide may help you to determine how aggressive your pest control measures should be.


  • The Human Scabies Mite: The human scabies mite is a tenacious organism that burrows under skin and lives on the host. Fortunately, it can’t live away from the host for more than a few days. Fogging is not necessary, but it’s important to spray couches and beds to avoid re-investing yourself or spreading the infestation to others. Continue treating surfaces and skin until there’s no more evidence of skin infestation. To reduce the number of times you must spray couches, avoid lounging around the house with uncovered skin. Choose long-sleeved pajamas over shorts, and pay special attention to the way you handle laundry. A one-gallon purchase is optimal for the scabies customer. This should provide enough for ongoing treatment of skin and routine misting of furniture. Visit our laundry page for a deeper discussion of how to kill mites on clothing.


  • The Sarcoptic Scabies Mite: The sarcoptic scabies mite is a form of mange that generally comes from pets. Unlike the human scabies mite which is primarily transferred through skin-to-skin contact or direct contact with infested surfaces, the sarcoptic mite can jump to a new host from the floor. It’s a good idea to wear socks around the house, as these mites often attack feet and ankles. Thankfully, sarcoptic mange mites tend not to persist on humans or burrow under human skin. For added protection, spray your socks with our indoor formula, which acts as a repellent as well as a skin treatment. Since infected pets often wander throughout the home and relax on couches and easy chairs, wide area spray treatment is quite necessary. Spray carpets evenly, and mop hard surfaces with a Swiffer pad saturated with our indoor formula. Be sure to treat couches, easy chairs and dog beds. Continue treating carpets and dogs until pets show no signs of mange. A two-gallon purchase is optimal for most homes below 1,500 square feet. Fogging is considered optional for this type of infestation.


  • Rodent Mites: Rodents have a strong tendency to die behind walls, leaving their mites behind. Rodent mites often go unnoticed until extermination efforts eliminate their hosts and force them to feed upon humans and pets within the home. Fogging is highly effective against mites that settle on walls, floors and furniture. You may have to fog more than twice, as mites hiding behind walls will eventually come out to seek new hosts. Therefore, it will be necessary to keep treating until crawling and biting sensations disappear. Fogging is highly recommended, as these mites are known for disbursing throughout the home. Begin with one gallon per 1,000 square feet and get enough to treat the home twice in 72 hours. If your home is 1,000 square feet, start your rodent mite agenda with two gallons. If your home is 2,000 square feet, start with four gallons. If there’s a rodent problem on your property at large, it’s wise to begin an outdoor pest control maintenance program. We suggest spreading our cedar granules around the base of your home to discourage mites from entering cracks and crevices around the foundation. These are not your average cedar chips from the hardware store. They are extremely potent red cedar granules richly impregnated with oil. Repellent properties last up to two months.


  • Bird Mites: Bird mites tend to enter homes by the thousands. Red Poultry Mites (Demanyssus Gallinae) can live up to nine months without a blood meal. In other words, hidden bird mites can stay away for long periods and come back to bother occupants after an initial infestation is thought to be resolved. Fogging is highly recommended. Begin with one gallon per 1,000 square feet and get enough to treat the home twice in 72 hours. If your home is 1,000 square feet, start your bird mite agenda with two gallons. If your home is 2,000 square feet, start with four gallons.


  • Collembola: A springtail infestation can be particularly chronic because these resilient hexapods aren’t natural parasites. They can feed upon mold, paper, cardboard and cotton materials within couches and mattresses. Carbon dioxide traps can be particularly useful in luring them out of hiding places before fogging with our organic indoor formula. Springtail customers often report that mattress encasements aren’t enough to stop the cycle of infestation. If your bed is chronically infested, you may want to replace it with a good inflatable mattress. Avoid inflatable mattresses coated with cloth material and go for plastic surfaces that can be sprayed or wiped clean with liquid pesticides. Don’t introduce new beds and couches until you’re sure the infestation is gone. With liberal use of organic pesticides and advanced trapping techniques, PEOPLE DO GET THROUGH THIS. Fogging is highly recommended. Begin with one gallon per 1,000 square feet and get enough to treat the home twice in 72 hours. If your home is 1,000 square feet, start your springtail agenda with two gallons. If your home is 2,000 square feet, start with four gallons.


What Makes Our Organic Indoor Formula Powerful and Unique?

  • Can be used as a direct hit spray to destroy common household insects you see!
  • Erodes the exoskeleton of insects that crawl through treated areas, contributing to the early demise of insects you don’t see.
  • Repels a wide variety of insects and discourages new insects from moving into treated territory for up to a month.
  • Dissolves eggs on contact, but not by proximity. In other words, eggs must come in contact with the formula, not just the vapors.
  • Won’t stain carpets, bedding or furniture because it’s steam distilled in small batches to remove impurities.
  • Spreads nicely over wide areas because it’s not mixed with water. (Our formula contains a special organic solvent that helps it stay mixed. Normally, oil and water will always separate, producing very uneven results when distributed over wide areas. That’s why it’s so difficult to treat wide surfaces with essential oils that are sold in tiny bottles at health stores.)
  • Can be applied directly to humans, dogs and horses.
  • Is endorsed by Animal Wellness Magazine as a safe alternative to dangerous chemical and spot drop flea treatments, which shorten life spans and cause SEVERE reactions in more than 44,000 animals each year.  Read more…
  • Is used by housing authorities across the country against bedbugs because these hearty parasites have an uncanny ability to develop resistance to chemical pesticides.