Can Scabies Live on Bedding

Can Scabies Mites Be Transferred Through Contact with Linens, Clothing and Furniture?


Yes. Statistics vary, but it’s generally accepted that scabies mites can live outside the body for 24 to 36 hours. Given those numbers, it’s certainly not impossible to come in contact with a mite lingering on the sofa. Scabies mites are most commonly transferred through prolonged skin-to-skin contact. They cannot jump, hop or fly from one person to another, but they can linger on couches and mattresses. In most scabies outbreaks connected to hospitals and nursing homes, mites are spread through the common laundering of infested clothing and linens. Scabies outbreaks should be treated as a direct threat to all members who share a communal space.


Products for the Treatment of Furniture and Bedding

Our indoor cedar oil formula won’t stain bedding and furniture because it’s steam distilled in small batches to remove impurities. Mist couches and easy chairs frequently. To reduce the number of times that furniture must be treated, encourage family members to wear full length pajamas when lounging around the house. The less skin comes in contact with furniture the better. Change linens frequently, and mist sheets before bed.


Products for Wash Water

To soak clothing in wash tubs or washing machines, try our Vet’s Choice Concentrate. This product was originally designed to add to bath water for pets who are infested with fleas, ticks or mites. Since the concentrate contains 90% cedar oil, it should not be used full strength on skin. Follow package instructions for dilution. This product may also be added to wash buckets when mopping hard wood floors or linoleum. Our Vet’s Choice Concentrate is found on our page for Animal Products.


Products for the Pre-Treatment of Laundry

To pre-treat clothing, try our Indoor Spray Formula. This is the same formula used to treat carpets, furniture and bedding without staining. It’s also the same formula used in our fog machines. Do not dilute this product, as it’s mixed exactly as it should be. Pre-treatment of laundry is a wise practice for those who store their clothing in hampers for several days before washing. An even better practice would be to store infested clothing in snap tight plastic containers, as mites can easily escape traditional wash hampers and find their way back into your home. Our indoor spray formula is found on our page for indoor pest control products.




What Makes Our Organic Cedar Oil Formula Powerful and Unique?

  • Can be used as a direct hit spray to destroy the insects you see!
  • Leaves a fresh cedar aroma to discourage insects from moving back into sprayed territory. (Residual effects are just as important as immediate effects, especially when it comes to treating carpets, bedding, cabinets and wood floors.)
  • Much less expensive than purchasing essential oils packaged in tiny bottles. Tiny bottles are meant for skin, not for wide scale home treatment!
  • Won’t stain carpets, bedding or furniture because it’s steam distilled in small batches to remove impurities.
  • Dissolves eggs on contact, but not by proximity. In other words, eggs must come in contact with the formula, not just the vapors.
  • Can be used on human skin and clothing as an organic insect repellent.
  • Can be used directly on dogs and horses to treat fleas and mites.
  • Is used by housing authorities across the country against bedbugs because these hearty parasites have an uncanny ability to develop resistance to chemical pesticides.