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If I don’t answer right away, please be patient. The average consultation regarding specialized mite removal methods takes an hour. If you’ve ordered products from another outlet, PLEASE CALL THAT OUTLET for a consultation, including advanced trapping methods. I have too many of MY OWN customers to serve. For your convenience, answers to most common customer questions can be found on the TOP TEN CUSTOMER QUESTIONS PAGE. You may also email your questions using the form below. I answer email every single day. May God bless you at this difficult time. I know you’re frightened, but don’t despair. People do get through this. I’ve been listening to tearful success stories for more than eight years. Sometimes, people I’ve never even dealt with call just to and tell me about the victories and mistakes they made along the road to health. Please read my article about the COMMON MISTAKES people make when dealing with mite infestations.


We do not refund products that have been opened or used. If returning unopened merchandise, a 20% restocking fee and 3% merchant processing fee will apply. No returns after 30 days. If you wish to test the power of cedar oil as a well known pesticide valued for thousands of years, buy a tiny vial from an aromatherapy shop before purchasing gallons and cases from us. Customers turn to us because they need more than a tiny vial to treat the entire yard or home, and our prices on gallons are MUCH MORE ECONOMICAL than purchasing small vials. Note: We do not produce the fog machines we sell. There’s a manufacturer warranty in the box. If you encounter a rare problem with a fog machine, please contact the manufacturer.

Where Are My Products? Get Tracking Info:

If you need a tracking number for products already ordered, please submit that request through email. Our contact form is provided below. In general, it takes five to ten business days for products to arrive. Many shipments arrive in three or four days. Since we are often busy helping customers with very serious insect and mite issues, we ask that all requests for tracking numbers be submitted through email. We cannot change or cancel an order after it leaves our warehouse.


Phone Number: (734) 782-5205




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