Chigger Mites

How to Get Rid of Chiggers in the Yard


Chiggers are the larval form of a common mite from the family known as Trombiculidae. These micro tiny critters can inflict a formidable bite followed by intense irritation, and it may take several hours for them to drop off your skin. To control advanced chigger populations, clear yards of all organic debris, including lawn clippings, pine straw and leaf litter. Spray lawns and shrubs with our outdoor concentrate made of pure organic cedar oil. To keep chiggers from landing on your skin and clothing while working outside, use or spray repellent, Dr. Ben’s Evictor. Mites absorb air through pores called sphericals. The aroma of cedar oil triggers an instant danger response, forcing the mite to close its breathing pores.


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More Facts About Chiggers


SIZE AND APPEARANCE: Chiggers are barely visible to the naked eye. They are red in color and may tend to congregate in groups on your skin. Under a magnifying glass, they resemble tiny red spiders.


MODE OF TRANSMISSION: Chiggers do not fly. They normally jump onto humans and animals that pass through tall grasses and thickly vegetated areas.


ABILITY TO INFEST PEOPLE AND HOMES:  Mites from the trombiculidae family will only bite humans in their larval stage. As adults, they eat insects and insect eggs. Despite southern legend, chiggers don’t burrow under human skin and take up residence. They generally drop off within several hours. They cannot infest homes.



  • Moderate to severe itching that can persist for several days
  • Raised red areas and welts
  • Pustules and blister like lesions
  • Dermatitis


ABILITY TO TRANSMIT DISEASE: In North America, chiggers aren’t known to spread diseases of any kind, but in Asia, some chigger species transmit scrub typhus. It is a common misconception that chiggers can spread Lyme Disease. They cannot. Lyme Disease is specifically associated with deer ticks that have bitten infected animals. Mosquitoes can carry the Lyme bacteria, as can fleas.


TREATMENT OF CHIGGER BITES:  Complete healing of chigger bites may take up to two weeks. Oral antihistamines such as Allegra or Benadryl may control itching, swelling and redness. Calamine lotions and cortisone creams may also provide immediate relief.


PREVENTION OF CHIGGER BITES:  Spray Dr. Ben’s Evictor on exposed skin and clothing. This will discourage a wide range of biting insects from landing on you. Note:  The yard concentrate is a very different product from the ready-to-use mixture for humans, animals and homes.




  • Using a hose end sprayer, saturate your yard or campsite with our outdoor concentrate. A fresh treatment will kill scores of adults and their eggs. The lingering cedar oil scent will repel adult females migrating to your yard from surrounding territory. In addition, the concentrate will kill fleas and ticks living in the grass.
  • Keep your property well trimmed and maintained. Don’t leave piles of leaves, pine straw or thatch laying around. Keep grass short and well manicured. Trim shrubs on a regular basis. Don’t leave lawn clippings scattered about.