Kill Bird Mites On Bedding

How to Kill Bird Mites on Carpets, Couches, Mattresses, Clothing and Linens


Bird mites are notoriously resistant to modern chemicals, including pyrethrin, permethrin and lindane. Organic methods are often employed when traditional treatments fail. Powerfully scented essential oils are the organic method of choice to treat skin mites. However, such oils are known to stain fabrics and furniture. Furthermore, essential oils are extremely expensive. Tiny bottles typically sell for around $10, and you’ll need much more than one ounce to treat your home effectively. The supreme advantage of cedar oil is that it can be purchased by the gallon for far less money than it would cost to buy treatments such as lemon eucalyptus or tea tree oil. Furthermore, we offer ultra filtered formulas that don’t stain! There’s a reason why dog houses, cattle fences and storage chests are built with cedar wood. Fleas and ticks hate the aroma of cedar, and so do mites! For centuries upon centuries, cedar oil and cedar wood have been the world’s most popular organic insect control agents.


Bird mites can invade homes by the thousands when abandoned bird nests remain lodged into chimneys, attics, gutters or window mounted air conditioning units. They have no qualms about biting humans when bird hosts become unavailable. Red Poultry Mites (Demanyssus Gallinae) can live up to nine months without a blood meal. In other words, certain species can present problems for homeowners long after an initial infestation is thought to be resolved. For this reason, fumigation with our cedar oil fog machine is highly recommended. The dry fog procedure penetrates unseen cracks and crevices in a way that traditional spraying methods can’t duplicate.


Parasitic arthropods absorb air through pores called sphericals. The aroma of our cedar oil formula triggers an instant danger response, forcing the arthropod to close its breathing pores.


Our quality miticides are also great for fogging barns and chicken coops. Animals may be safely returned to their living quarters a few hours after treatment.