Kill Bird Mites Inside Wood

How to Kill Bird Mites, Termites and Other Insects that Infest Wood Floors


Question: Help! I removed my carpeting because of a bird mite infestation, but now the mites have burrowed into my wood floors. Can I use your wood stabilizer to kill mites that have embedded below the surface of wood floors? Is it just for decks and fences infested by termites, or can I use it indoors?


Answer: Yes, our product has been used to preserve wood inside homes and historical buildings throughout the world, including the Singapore Capitol Building. In addition to preserving and stabilizing decaying wood, you may use this dynamic product to reach all sorts of insects that infest wood floors, including termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, springtails and more. Most wood sealants are simply coatings that sit on top of wood surfaces. This product is a penetrant. You can literally SEE it leeching into wood and traveling through capillaries. Achieve deep penetration while delivering a lethal dose of cedar oil to insects living below the material surface. After the treatment has dried and the wood has been petrified, insects will not be able to burrow under the surface again.



Important Safety Precautions for Indoor Use

  • Remove children, adults and pets from enclosed buildings when applying Petriwood.
  • Wear a protective mask (preferably with filters) and protective eye goggles. Such masks can be purchased at local hardware stores.
  • Ventilate building while applying and continue ventilation after application. This is best done by placing box style fans in open windows to draw air out of the room. Ventilate for three hours after application.
  • Prior to applying Petriwood, inform other residents or workers so that they might take proper steps to ventilate and exit the building.


Instructions for Treating Wood Floors

  • Step One: Ensure that the wood is clean. Depending on the surface of the wood, sanding may be necessary. Paint may have to be removed. To test the surface, you may apply the Petriwood prior to sanding to see if the solution will penetrate the surface. You should be able to SEE the product seep into the wood. If the product penetrates well, sanding may not be necessary. If your goal is to paint or varnish floors after application of Petriwood, sanding will produce the best cosmetic results.
  • Step Two: Clean wood thoroughly and allow it to dry. This step may be done with a wet mop.
  • Step Three: Petriwood may be applied in several ways. You may use a paint brush, paint roller, hand held pump sprayer or airless paint gun. Work in 150 square foot increments. Paint in the direction of the wood grain. For best results, apply with a hand held held pump sprayer purchased at your local hardware store.
  • Step Four: A second coat of Petriwood should be applied for maximum protection of flooring. The second coat should be done IMMEDIATLEY FOLLOWING the first coat. Wet-on-wet application is desirable. That means you should not let the first coat dry before applying the second coat.
  • Step Five: Let dry for a minimum of 48 hours prior to applying paint, varnishes or stains. Tip: When using any type of varnish or stain indoors, be sure to ventilate as you work, and always wear a painter’s mask.
  • Step Six: Clean painting equipment with soap and water after use.