Can Bird Mites Jump or Fly?

Can Bird Mites Fly? How Far Can Bird Mites Jump? How Do Bird Mites Transfer to Humans?


Bird mites can’t jump, fly or hop. In fact, they have stubby legs. In outdoor environments, bird mites typically transfer to humans by way of crawling up pant legs or floating down from tree branches. They can also transfer to clothing when passing through shrub thickets and heavily forested areas.


Within homes, bird mites reach humans by crawling over carpets, couches and beds. They typically become a problem when birds abandon nests in gutters or chimneys. In barnyard environments, bird mites can drop from wood beams, crawl onto shoes or transfer through direct contact with animals. Unlike scabies mites, bird mites don’t tend to burrow under human skin or live on the body for extended periods of time. They behave more like bedbugs, hiding near places where a victim rests and waiting for opportune moments to strike.


Even though bird mites don’t tend to live on human bodies for extended periods of time, an infestation can feel like an eternity when new mites in a victim’s surroundings return to feed again and again. Bird mites from abandoned nests are well known to invade homes by the thousands. The red poultry mite can live up to nine months without a blood meal. By hiding in unseen areas of the home, this highly resilient mite can present problems for homeowners long after an initial infestation is thought to be resolved.


Many indoor mite infestations can be resolved by spraying targeted areas such as carpets and couches. However, when it comes to bird mites, fumigation with our cedar oil fog machine is highly recommended. The dry fog procedure penetrates unseen cracks and crevices in a way that traditional spraying methods can’t duplicate. Bird mites are famously resistant to modern chemicals, including pyrethrin and permethrin. A more mechanical method of killing is often necessary. All mites absorb air through breathing pores called sphericals. The aroma of our organic cedar oil formula triggers an instant danger response, forcing the arthropod to close its breathing pores. Our quality miticides are also great for fogging barns and chicken coops. Animals may be safely returned to their living quarters a few hours after treatment.


Before entering a mite infested barn or chicken coop, protect your head with a swimmer’s cap and spray your pant legs with cedar oil. The intense aroma will kill and repel a wide range of parasites. Always wear gloves when handling birds suspected of mite infestation


In cases where infested laundry must be stored until wash day, spray dirty clothing with our clear, non-staining cedar oil formula. Store dirty clothes in a thick garbage bag and seal the bag tightly to prevent parasites from escaping and infesting other areas of the home. The cedar aroma will suffocate parasites and bacteria living within the bag.