Can Bird Mites Infest Humans?

How Long Can Bird Mites Stay on Human Skin? Can Bird Mites Bite Humans or Burrow Under Human Skin?


Bird mites can’t sustain themselves on human blood, but they will certainly try.  It is generally accepted that bird mites tend to drop off after administering quick test bites, but there are exceptions to this rule. Individuals with compromised immune systems often report sensations of carrying bird mites with them for extended periods. In chronically infested homes where most family members report random superficial bites, a sick or elderly member of the family may report more intense or prolonged symptoms. Although bird mites don’t generally stay on human skin for long, but their presence can FEEL like a chronic skin condition when new mites in an infested home keep finding their way to victims. A bird mite can’t sustain itself or reproduce on human blood, but that doesn’t mean bird mites can’t infest homes chronically. Red poultry mites can live up to nine months without a blood meal. If a red poultry mite gets into your ears or nostrils, it can continue to live for long periods without proper nourishment. Bird mites find hosts through receptors that detect moisture, heat and carbon dioxide. This is why they are often perceived as crawling near the eyes, nose and nostrils of human hosts.


To be clear, bird mites can and do seek human hosts when birds become unavailable. They may not prefer to bite humans, but they will certainly try. The red poultry mite in particular isn’t very picky about who or what it bites, including rodents and pets. Although certain species of bird mites can live directly on their avian hosts, entomologists believe that bird mites don’t burrow under human skin and take up residence like scabies mites. Around humans, bird mites are thought to behave similar to bedbugs, biting near the skin’s surface and hiding in cracks and crevices adjacent to human resting places.


Symptoms of bird mite infestation may include intense itching or crawling sensations and sudden isolated pricks. Even though bird mites don’t tend to live on human bodies for extended periods of time, an infestation can feel like an eternity when new mites in a victim’s surroundings return to bite again. Bird mites from abandoned nests can invade homes by the thousands. They will quickly gravitate to areas where humans sleep or relax.


For this reason, it’s vital to treat carpets, couches, and beds with a strong organic miticide. Red poultry mites are exceptionally hardy and notoriously resistant to traditional chemical pesticides. Severe infestations respond well to organic miticides delivered by way of a fog machine. Parasitic arthropods absorb air through pores called sphericals. The aroma of our cedar oil formula triggers an instant danger response, forcing the arthropod to close its breathing pores. Our quality miticides are also great for fogging barns and chicken coops. Animals may be safely returned to their living quarters a few hours after treatment.



What Makes Our Organic Cedar Oil Formula Powerful and Unique?


  • Every drop of Dr. Ben’s Evictor is fractionated and filtered to remove impurities. Unlike other essential oils sold for beauty or pest control purposes, it won’t stain couches or bedding. It’s that light and that pure. It can also be applied to pets or human hair and skin.
  • Instead of using weak or ineffective “carrier oils” to deliver our formula, we use melted quartz rock, an organic agent that amplifies the insecticide properties of cedar oil without compromising safety. Independent studies at Rutgers University illustrate that this specific carrier agent helps kill eggs and build a protective barrier that discourages parasites from entering sprayed territory.
  • Researchers at Iowa State University tested our formula against 29 other natural and chemical products and ranked it number one for killing parasites. From bedbugs to fleas to mites and beyond, our formula delivers instant death by inhalation.


See video footage of our product’s effect upon parasites.



Beware that bird mites hiding in attics and crawl spaces can invade your home long after standard living areas are treated. This is why pest control operators will often get customers to sign expensive contracts that include repeat visits. Omithonyssus Slyviarum (Northern Fowl Mites) cannot survive more than a month without a host. Demanyssus Gallinae, commonly referred to as Chicken Mites or Red Poultry Mites, can live up to nine months without a blood meal. Red poultry mites have a tendency to invade the home long after the original infestation is thought to be under control.


If it feels like you’re constantly being bitten by an unidentifiable organism, you may need a professional skin scraping to determine if bird mites are the true culprit. A dermatologist can administer such a test, but mainstream doctors aren’t experts at identifying micro tiny parasites. For peace of mind, take your skin scraping to the entomology department at your local university.


In cases where infested laundry must be stored until wash day, spray dirty clothing with our clear, non-staining cedar oil formula. Store dirty clothes in a thick garbage bag and seal the bag tightly to prevent parasites from escaping and infesting other areas of the home. The cedar aroma will suffocate parasites and bacteria living within the bag.


Pre-treatment of laundry is not necessary for clothing that will be washed in bleach immediately. In cases where bleach isn’t appropriate, add 50 Mule Team Borax to wash water to kill bacteria and parasites. Stop the machine and let articles soak for 30 minutes before continuing to the wash cycle. Since Borax has a tendency to clump when wet, find a random mixing instrument, such as a plastic hanger. Manipulate articles in the wash water to be certain the Borax dissolves properly and permeates the water.


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